Work Place Chaplaincy aims to offer relevant pastoral & spiritual support to people where they are – in the setting of their daily work and individual lives. The chaplain is available to all of all denominations or none, from the managing director to the new-start apprentice.

In every situation where a chaplain is invited to serve, they enjoy a degree of independence from the management structure. This allows chaplains to exercise a conciliatory or intercessory role, when appropriate, which can be valuable both to individuals and to the organisation concerned.

This independence also allows the chaplain to help resolve problems and disputes in a swift, efficient and confidential manner, acceptable to all involved. This has often been seen to provide an “oiling of the cogs” promoting the smooth running of organisations involved.

The chaplain’s main purpose therefore, is to serve, quite simply, because people matter, irrespective of their status, position or beliefs.

Chaplains will work patiently and consistently to gain the confidence of those whom they serve. This ministry will be exercised with sensitivity and integrity seeking to build a relationship of mutual trust and respect.


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