Chaplains aim to 'add value' wherever they serve. Chaplaincy is not about religion or denomination, but addresses the growing understanding within a predominantly secular society that all life has a moral and spiritual dimension, however that is expressed.

Above all, chaplains will promote harmony and respect within an organisation. This will often involve a chaplain acting as advocate, mediator or mentor. In serving the needs and hopes of individuals, chaplains will also add value to the organisation as a whole. This has been evidenced many times in reduced absenteeism, improved industrial relations and increased productivity.

Because chaplains come with no agenda other than to serve whatever the need in whatever capacity is required, they relate equally to management and trade unions. Indeed, it is often because chaplains are involved in so many varied situations across different economic strata, that their insights into the 'bigger picture' within towns and cities is valued and respected.

If you want to know why it's vital that WPCS keeps on supporting people in the workplace, read this chaplain's account of an introductory visit to one outlet of a large national retailer in a busy city:

"The manager was very welcoming, paused, took off his glasses, and looked as though he might cry. So I went in and closed the door. 'I am really really pleased to see you,' he said with feeling. He repeated it. 'Do anything, go anywhere, use the training room - anytime'."

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