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"A proactive service providing pastoral care to our veterans and their families promoting hope, healing and acceptance."
Veterans Chaplaincy Scotland (VCS) was the idea of Revd Phil Patterson.  In partnership with Work Place Chaplaincy Scotland, VCS is creating a network of Chaplains throughout Scotland to support the veteran community. Phil's own experience of military chaplaincy and chaplaincy in the aftermath of recent conflicts, convinced him that pastoral support for our veterans shouldn't stop when they leave military service. In past generations we could rely on church communities to provide that spiritual support to those returning to civilian life from service, but for many, many reasons that simply isn't the case today.
The aim of VCS is to work with churches, with veteran charities and with veterans themselves to provide a proactive listening ear to those in need, pastorally supporting our veterans through the challenges of life. Our chaplains will be professionally qualified and recognised for their pastoral gifts. We are not looking to replace work that is already being done within the veterans community but rather enhance it and enable more to be done. Many other nations, including the United States, have a veterans chaplaincy service so it is only right that we should be doing the same here in the United Kingdom. Welcome to Veterans Chaplaincy Scotland, the first step to hope healing and acceptance.  
A message from VCS to our veterans.
Veterans Chaplaincy is new, and we are still finding our way. Be patient with us. We know that the past has a habit of coming back to bite us when times are hard in the present. So we want to assure you of a listening ear here at VCS. Below you will find some web links and there will be other avenues of support available in due course, but please, please, if you are feeling the weight of things on your shoulders, send us an email with your contact details, and we will respond. You are not alone even when times are lonely. God bless. 
Join us for chat and devotions, just ask to join. 
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