Brought into being in 2006 by a group of Christian business people, business matters aims to support and serve everyone in the business community in Edinburgh, of any faith or none.

Questions we aim to answer

How do we "do work" well so that we thrive personally and professionally?

How can we make a difference in the culture and community we are part of and advance good in and through businesses and the wider city?

How do these intentions and outcomes tie in with the Christian faith and its relationship with our working lives?

What do we offer?

    • We run events relevant to those in work encouraging individuals to pursue professional and personal development and wellbeing
    • These events and the resources on our website aim:
      • to equip you and provide you with tools to build resilience in your everyday life, particularly at work
      • to connect you to a supportive community and network in the city and to signpost people to appropriate resources and expert advice in relation to personal or professional concerns
      • to inspire and challenge you by presenting ideas, opinions, debate and conversations around larger issues in business and culture including the relationship between the Christian faith and our work and life

How can I benefit?

As part of the Edinburgh business community, you can benefit from being a part of the business matters network, drawing on others experiences and knowledge while offering your own in return – all are welcome to participate for the benefit of one another.

This is an initiative of Work Place Chaplaincy Scotland.  To find out more, go to Business Matters Edinburgh

 Business Matters


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