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WPCS Announcement

It is with deep sadness that we announce the winding up of Work Place Chaplaincy Scotland operations on 28th October 2022.

WPCS chaplains have served in thousands of work places across Scotland for just over ten years, and have engaged with many tens of thousands of people in need of pastoral and spiritual care at their place of work - however we no longer have the financial support needed to continue this ministry across Scotland.

Efforts are on-going to transfer chaplaincy activities at a local level, and many of our volunteers will continue the work with the support of local churches and the permission of the organisations in which they serve.

WPCS will continue to act as an 'incubator' for Veterans Chaplaincy Scotland, as funding for this initiative has been reserved and not part of WPCS general funds.   VCS chaplains will continue to serve the Veterans Community, and a transitional team is being put in place to assist in the development of VCS as a standalone charity.


WPCS @ P&K Mental Health & Wellbeing Festival