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For generations our nation has sent its soldiers to war. Since 1796, everywhere our soldiers have gone, military chaplains have gone as well



“Go everywhere they go … share their risks. Work in the very front and they will listen to you; but if you stay behind you are wasting your time.”

Rev G Studdert-Kennedy
‘Woodbine Willie’ WW1 chaplain


At peace and at war Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force chaplains have supported our armed service personnel at home and abroad.

"We know what Padres do ... They go with us on ops." But who goes with our veterans?

While other in-service support is continued after service, Chaplaincy is not.

At Veterans Chaplaincy Scotland we believe that care for our veterans, should continue after service, and that should include access to chaplaincy as part of our nation's military covenant.

At Veterans Chaplaincy Scotland (VCS)

We offer an approachable, confidential, experienced and proactive chaplaincy service to our nation's veterans.

Other countries have a dedicated veteran's chaplaincy service, and we believe our nation's veterans should have the same.



We have been where they have been.   “Live with the soldiers"

Rev TB Hardy VC DSO MC
World War 1 chaplain


By virtue of being both military and civilian Veterans Chaplains bridge the 'pastoral gap' between our veterans and our communities. Our chaplains 'speak the language' of the service veteran.

Our job is to support our veterans, their families and our service widows and widowers on life's journey, to be there in the good times and the bad bringing hope, healing and acceptance to all.

At Veterans Chaplaincy Scotland our chaplains are trained in:

* Pastoral care
* Bereavement support
* Spiritual leadership
* Post trauma healing
* Trauma Risk Management (TRIM)
* Mental Health Awareness (MHFA)
* Moral Injury support.

We work alongside and in support of local churches and veteran charities 

Providing a proactive service of pastoral care to our veterans and their families promoting hope, healing and acceptance.

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VCS Deploys twelve chaplains across Scotland
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