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Use ALL Your Resources

Tree Stump
A young lad wanted to help in the garden so his dad gave him a job to do; to remove an old tree stump “using all the resources available to him”.

He set to with gusto, and at the end of the day returned crestfallen. He had tried everything and used all the resources he could find in the garage and around the garden. Spade, saw, axe and pick axe, trowel, and even a car jack and rope and tackle.

His dad asked him if he had used all the resources available. “Yes” was the reply, I have used everything I could find, and it still won’t shift”. “No you haven’t” dad replied, “I said to use all the resources available to you, but you haven’t asked or used me yet”.

Was that playing games with the lad or teaching a life lesson? Hopefully, a life lesson.

“Use all the resources available to you”. This could be people, friends and colleagues you would not normally think of asking or too embarrassed to ask. We all think that asking for help can look like weakness, but maybe in reality, recognising your limitations and wanting help is a sign of strength and courage. Sometimes, in life, it’s not all about you and how you look, but of the greater good, the welfare of others and simply getting the job done! And surprisingly this could include, for those who are so minded, prayer and asking God!

As chaplains we like to think that we are part of the “resources available to you”.

As it is the end of Ramadan we wish our Muslim friends a very happy Eid al – Fitr

from Chic and Geoff.

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