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We’ve all made a jigsaw at some time in our lives.jigsaw

When I was a kid we used to love making jigsaws on holiday and if staying with others they would join in and it became more of a community event rather than just a family thing! And definitely not on my own.

But oh the frustration, when you were almost finished and there was, or rather wasn’t, that one elusive missing piece. The hunt would begin - searching the floor, clothes, then anything it could have stuck to, and then in desperation everywhere!

How do you make your jigsaw?

Straight edges, sky or is it a particular shape you tackle first?

I tend to ‘tune in’ to an area, colour or shape and seem to do well for a few minutes then when that dries up something else catches my eye. Or someone pops a piece in place which seems to unlock a creative streak of pieces just ‘falling into place’ almost on their own! I can be frustrated and struggle for ages to find a piece and then a casual passer by sees it instantly. Doh! It can annoy me or I can welcome it – just depends how they do it!

It’s obvious where I am going with this, but it can be good to be reminded.

Not one of us has all the solutions on our own and we need each other to make the jigsaw, be it family, work or just life!! Do you hold the piece for someone else’s jigsaw puzzle or they for yours? It’s quite possible they can see something you can’t, and maybe you just need to swallow your pride and ask. More than that; are you actually a piece in their jigsaw and they in yours? It does not make you any less of a jigsaw expert if you have to ask for help; maybe asking makes you a better one!

It’s fun to think of ourselves as pieces of a jigsaw; that would explain the different odd shapes and sizes we all are! Different in so many ways, but each important and without that one piece – you or me, the picture wouldn’t be complete.  Think about that.

Have a good week, and I hope you find where you “fit in”, because I am sure you do.

If you want to talk or think about how you fit in, then you could get in touch with these two very odd shaped people:

Chic on or 07814093240 orchicgeoff
Geoff on 07933167480


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