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Focus (Workplace Word, Chic Lidstone)

One day, an old Native American chief was walking by a river with his grandson. Thinking about what wisdom to impart to the boy, he told him that our minds are like rivers, in that to be fresh and healthy, they are always flowing. When they are not flowing they can become stagnant.

But within the flowing water can be different currents, and so it is with our minds. Some currents can be exciting and good, and some can be dangerous.

His grandson was unsure what he was getting at, so the older man changed his illustration. The chief was aware that inside himself it can sometimes feel as though there were two wolves: one is gentle and kind, and a peace seeker, while the other is angry and aggressive. Beginning to understand what the granfather was getting at, the grandson looked at the old man in wonder and gasped, ‘Who will win, Grandfather?’ The old chief responded: ‘The one that I feed.’

Another way to say this is; what you focus on gets bigger!

We all know that what you focus on gets bigger, whether it’s looking at a skelf we want to get rid of in the magnifying glass, or the problem, or the solution, whether it be relationships or work related stuff. Focus on the bad and you may get more of it, or focus on the good?

As the old chief said: What are we feeding?

“Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” Abraham Lincoln

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