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A “Q Tip”

Q TipsBack in the 1920s when Polish-American entrepreneur Leo Gerstenzang saw his wife putting little pieces of cotton balls on to toothpicks, he invented Q-tips®, known to us as cotton buds. He thought this was a safer way to clean his baby’s ears. Mr. Gerstenzang chose the name “Q” for Quality.

Putting aside the merits or dangers of using Q tips for cleaning ears, maybe a “Q-tip” could be taken another way and be a great little life stress reduction tool; “Quit Taking It Personally!” A Q Tip!

Here are some “Q tips”:

  • The traffic is not part of a plan to ruin your day. “Q-Tip” it – Quit Taking It Personally!
  • The keys that can’t be found are just inanimate objects, “Q-Tip” it!
  • The computer that freezes, the internet that goes down or the printer that jams at precisely the worst moment, really ARE just stupid machines. Take a deep breath and remind yourself about accepting the things you cannot change. Above all - “Q-Tip”!
  • The guy who cuts in front of you so you have to jam on the brakes and the contents of your car are redistrubited! “Q-Tip” !
  • There are so many things not worth getting uptight about and which when we stop and think, are not a personal vendetta against you! Even things that people do are not always aimed at you. “Q-Tip ” them!
  • What other things in life could you “Q-Tip”?

Another way of saying this is “don’t let it get to you!”

So – “Q-Tip” It! Let Mr Gerstenzang’s (I love that name!) little white-tipped cotton sticks be a reminder of a way to ease your personal stress and let things go, the way YOU choose to respond to the “stuff” in your days.

Why not get your own Q tip to remind you that’s it’s not always personal?!

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