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2 Full 2 Learn

overflolwing tea cup 1A long time ago, there was a wise teacher whose advice and wisdom many people would seek.

One day an important man came to visit this wise man saying, “I want you to teach me and open my mind to new possibilities”. His tone of voice was of one used to getting his own way.

The teacher smiled and said that they should discuss the matter over a cup of tea. When the tea was ready the teacher poured as the enquirer tried to impress him with how important he was; rambling on and on about his experience, education, skills, and insights. Obviously, he was very important and knew so much! The teacher continued pouring the tea until the cup was spilling over onto the table and then onto the robes of the visitor. Finally he yelled, “Enough. You are spilling the tea. Can’t you see the cup is full?”

The wise teacher stopped pouring and smiled at his guest. “You are like this tea cup, so full of your own opinions that nothing more can be added. Come back to me when the cup is empty. Come back to me when you can learn something”.

Maybe that is part of what Jesus meant by “blessed are the poor in spirit” because only in this attitude is it possible to learn anything. Actually being wise enough to realise that I don’t have “it all sown up”, unless of course my name is “wikipedia”!

Knowledge is learning something every day. Wisdom is letting something go every day. – Zen Proverb

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