Key to our way of working is partnership.  Chaplaincy cannot work without full communication, cooperation and a relationship of mutual trust and respect.  We recognise that we always operate on anothers territory and are there by invitation.  We will always respect this and secure appropriate invitations.

The mark of a good partnership is a continually developing and deepening relationship.  WPCS aims to develop from ad hoc visiting/listening service, perhaps sending in other information by email or newsletter, to ‘being part of the DNA’ of the organisation, while maintaining independence from  organisational structures so we can operate without prejudice.

We envisage partnership with companies to mean being present for appropriate meetings; dove-tailing with existing HR, Occupational Health, and disciplinary procedures; providing a consultancy for equality and diversity in terms of drafting and implementing policy; helping with individual and company strategy.

Sometimes a company may wish to call on the Chaplain to lead a particular project, such as the Edinburgh West Chaplain is doing with HSBC Contact Centre.  There, he is the champion for a three year developing relationship with Bethany Christian Trust, which works with those affected by addiction and homelessness.  Good for Bethany, in terms of unlocking volunteering and corporate contacts; good for HSBC, who can encourage their workforce to engage with local issues and make a positive impact on their community.

  • If you would like to read examples of what some of the organisations we partner with have to say about our chaplaincy service, then please go to the Testimonials section under 'About Us' on the drop down menu. Alternatively just type Testimonials into the search panel on the home page.

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