Workplace Chaplaincy Scotland is an ecumenical Christian ministry. Our chaplains operate as representatives of the "One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic" church in the workplaces of Scotland. The work of chaplaincy presents a key opportunity for mission and ministry of the Church.

The purpose of workplace chaplaincy is to help people from all backgrounds and circumstances find personal, and corporate, meaning and purpose: to develop flourishing and thriving lives and to engage with spiritual wellbeing that underpins mental and physical health. The chaplains presence as a guest within the workplace operates independently and impartially from management structures – allowing chaplains to provide a prophetic voice to challenge injustice, unethical practices or conflict in the workplace.

WPCS chaplains minister to “the least of these” [Matthew 25], this includes not just the disenfranchised in society and also all people regardless of social or economic status. Responding to human need through loving service.

WPCS chaplains intentionally “Go” [Matthew 28] to those in need of ministry. Chaplains take the initiative and are present were people are, rather than waiting for people to come to them. In this way the presence of the chaplain actively represents the good news of the Kingdom.

As Christians WPCS chaplains engage with the principle that “Good Works” [James 2] must accompany faith. The ministry of chaplaincy is a discipleship activity for both those the chaplain engages with, and the chaplain themselves. Deeply imbedded in our chaplaincy practice is a discipline of theological reflective practice.

Chaplains have a ministry in “Keeping watch” [Mark 14] in the workplace. Being with a person or organisation as they journey through good, and difficult times. The presence of chaplains holding a space of comfort and safety as people process their circumstances to find meaning and purpose. This is the heart of chaplaincy pastoral care.

Within the workplace chaplain recognise the work of the “Unknown God” [Acts 17] – remaining true to command of the great commission even while being sensitive to the pluralistic cultural setting of today’s workplaces. In these spaces working to transform unjust structures of society, pursuing peace, understanding and reconciliation.

Chaplains provide domain expertise in the creation/support/tradition of corporate and personal rituals within the workplace.

If you would like to discuss how your church and members can get involved or partner with Work Place Chaplaincy Scotland, then please get in touch.


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