We'd love to chat more with you. Select the person below who you think would be best placed to deal with your enquiry, or if you're not sure, simply email info@wpcscotland.co.uk and we'll put the right person in touch with you.  We look forward to hearing from you.

National Team 

National Director: Andrew Gregg
Mobile: 07834 748129. Email: andrew.gregg@wpcscotland.co.uk 

Lead Chaplain - Development and Support: Paul Wilson
Mobile: 07703 585987. Email: paul.wilson@wpcscotland.co.uk 

Administrator: Liz Mackie
Mobile: 07702 876345. Email: liz.mackie@wpcscotland.co.uk 

Fundraising Officer: Dan Rous
Mobile: 07999 485109. Email: dan.rous@wpcscotland.co.uk 

Regional Team 

Aberdeen Chaplain: Ron Flett
Mobile: 07508 654423. Email: ron.flett@wpcscotland.co.uk 

Dundee Chaplain: Geoff Findlay
Mobile: 07933 167480. Email: geoff.findlay@wpcscotland.co.uk 

Edinburgh City Centre Chaplain: Sally Fraser
Mobile: 07944 334659. Email: sally.fraser@wpcscotland.co.uk 

Edinburgh West Chaplain: Esther Elliott
Mobile: 07702 863342. Email: esther.elliott@wpcscotland.co.uk 

Perth Chaplain: Sarah Lawson
Mobile: - Email: sarah.lawson@wpcscotland.co.uk

Veterans Chaplaincy Scotland

VCS Lead Chaplain: Rev Philip Patterson
Mobile: 07521 638848. Email: philip.patterson@wpcscotland.co.uk 



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