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WPCS Volunteer recognition

WPCS Chaplain Ross Stirling-Young was awarded the "Hero Award" from Morrisons Glenrothes Moments of Hope Community Awards - for his work in chaplaincy in the local community. Ross said "I'm not so sure of the word hero! But I was totally surprised t...
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Fife Workplace Wellbeing Project and Activities

The main purpose of the Fife Workplaces Wellbeing Resilience Project is to provide support to more Fife workers during this time of the pandemic with the various associated working and life issues they are encountering including mental health, wellbe...
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Fife Workplace Wellbeing Resilience Project

Work Place Chaplaincy Scotland is delighted to be offering more mental health and wellbeing support to Fife workers with a grant award project - the Fife Workplaces Wellbeing Resilience Project - supported by the Communities Mental Health and Wellbei...
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